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Three-bedroom apartment in Arona

Аренда на озере Маджоре

Three-bedroom apartment for rent on the lake Maggiore: living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big terrace. Building has Wi-Fi, garage. Price: €300 per week Location: walking distance to the lake and main street.

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Villa in Localita Punta Negra (Sardinia)

Апартаменты в Локалита Пунта Негра (свободны до 15 Июля)

Villa in Localita Punta Negra: 3 bedrooms (2 big rooms and one small room), 2 bathroom, one big open veranda and one covered, garden, parking lot, hall-kitchen with fireplace, air condition. Price: €1250 per month included cleaning services, without bedclothes…

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Вилла в Локалита Пунта Негра(Сардиния)

Апартаменты в Локалита Пунта Негра (свободны до 15 Июля)

Сдается вилла в Локалита Пунта Негра: 3 спальни (2 спальни с двуспальным и кроватями, 1 спальня с односпальной кроватью), 2 туалета, большая веранда открытая, крытая веранда,  сад, парковочное место, зал-кухня с камином,  собственный вход, кондиционер, наружный душ. Цена аренды: 1250 евро с уборкой,…

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New apartments on the lake Maggiore

Новая квартиры на озере Маджоре

New apartments for rent: living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Includes: Wi-Fi, wash machine, dishwasher, garage and a parking lot. Price: €400 per week Location: 5 minutes away from the lake or center.

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House near by Stintino (Sardinia)

Дом рядом с Стинтино

House in Sardinia: two-storey, 2 separate entrances , 2 verandas, hall-kitchen, 2 bathrooms with shower, 4 bedrooms. Price:  €800 included cleaning services (for 4 persons) Location: near by Stintino

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Villa with the sea view (Sardinia)

Вилла с видом на море

Villa Villetta Ankora for rent. The property has 2 bedrooms, bathroom with shower, hall, kitchen. From veranda you can enjoy beautiful view of the sea, there also is bbq, one parking lot. Price: €1200  includes cleaning services (bedclothes cost €80…

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Villa near by Arona

Элитная вилла возле города Арона

Luxury villa next to Arona for rent. 1 floor: kitchen with terrace, 2 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, 2 bathrooms (one of those with Turkish bath); 2 floor: 2 bedrooms with A/C, 1 bathroom with shower. Property has swimming pool,…

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Villa near by Verbania

Вилла возле города Вербании и озера Маджоре

Villa (450 m 2) for rent next to Verbania on the lake Maggiore. The property consists of: living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms with king- and queen size beds, 3 bathrooms and a hallway. The terrace opens beautiful view on the lake…

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Indicators of real estate yields in Italian cities

Despite the fact that over the past few years some stagnation in the property market had been seen in Italy (most of all it affected the housing economy class), private investments in real estate in the long run not only…

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Italy is a country of historical culture

Italy is a country of historical culture, high fashion, and  is at the forefront for the footwear and automotive industries. Any of us would have wanted to feel like a prince or princess, in the elegant Ferrari or Maserati, to…

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